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Why are riparian areas valuable to agricultural producers, communities & society? Riparian areas provide:

Abundant forage and
improved opportunities for long-term sustainable farms, ranches & communities

A buffer and filter to improve and maintain water quality

A 'sponge' to hold water, improve forage production and provide a drinking supply

Shelter and habitat for livestock and wildlife


The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, more commonly known as 'Cows and Fish':

Strives to foster a better understanding of how improvements in grazing and other management of riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of landowners, agricultural producers, communities and others who use and value riparian areas.

We are available to help landowners, agricultural producers, stewardship groups and communities to:

  • Understand riparian area functions and values
  • Examine and monitor the health of their riparian areas
  • Evaluate and suggest management strategies

Digital Story of the Month

Title: Down South

Description: Vance and Brenda Barritt are working on a new venture, Earth Works Farm. And like any new venture, it comes with some big hopes and dreams, in this case centred around sustainability, the land and water, and community. "I can help - I want to preserve what is original and make better what is not; help trees and grasses of all sorts hold back the soil and wind, keeping the moisture from sinking through the sand; feeding the birds and the bees and the pigs and the chickens; feeding the cows and the geese and us."

Did You Know?



When given a choice, cattle will drink from a trough eight times out of ten, even if they have access to surface water.

If you have wetlands, creeks or rivers, consider an off-site watering system for your livestock to maintain the quality and supply of water.

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